Have you ever felt frustrated loading in or out of an event because of the traffic congestion, wait time for loading docks or unforeseen drayage and shipping expenses? Chances are that the event didn’t utilize a marshalling yard! You may or may not have heard the term before, but do you really know what it means?

A marshalling yard is typically an off-site location where shipping and deliveries are coordinated and controlled. This location allows the event organizers time and space to control the flow of traffic in an out of the loading docks, organize exhibitors based on arrival times, and keep everything running smoothly. A marshalling yard can also help to alleviate traffic around the event venue, and keep lines from spilling out into the streets.

As an event professional you’ll want to make sure that your carrier and/or driver is familiar with this concept. They’ll need to be made aware of the location they should be heading to, any check in or weight documentation procedures, and that there may be a significant wait time before they are able to get to the actual venue itself. Any prior scheduling arrangements such as commercial, heavy equipment or freight check in times should also be documented. This is particularly important when it comes to being charged additional fees! A driver with more than one delivery or stop may charge you hundreds of dollars in overages because they weren’t expecting or didn’t plan to wait.

While a marshalling yard can seem like an additional step in the event marketing process, it can help to organize and efficiently move shipments in and out of the show. By making sure your team is aware of the process and considerations ahead of time, you can cut down on unforeseen expenses and last-minute headaches!