We’ve been blogging for a while and we’ve covered the basics of event marketing, some more in-depth posts, and even (hopefully) provided some inspiration and new ideas to spark your imagination! We compiled our top 10 posts (based off of what we think is important) so you can find all of these resources in one easy place!

1. The difference between trade shows and consumer shows:

Through the eyes of many, a show is a show. All shows are not created equal though, and in the world of event marketing, recognizing the differences between a trade show and a consumer show is essential.

2. Key industry event terms:

The event industry is full of jargon, and, if you’re unfamiliar with the terms, you may wind up lost and confused. To plan a successful event program for your company or brand, it is important to be literate when it comes to the lingo associated with the job. 

3. What is drayage?:

Drayage is the charges incurred for the movement of shipping containers (i.e. crates, pallets, boxes) from the venue’s loading dock or the shipping vehicle, to the show floor. It also encompasses things such as removing the containers in which the items were shipped, storing them during the event, returning the shipping containers after the event, transferring everything back to the loading dock, and warehousing items post-event. 

4. Common exhibit types:

When planning to exhibit at an event, there are a lot of aspects to consider. How much real estate do you need? Do you perform better in an indoor or outdoor space? Should you rent or buy your display? One of the most important decisions is what type of exhibit to move forward with. And the best way to figure that out is to first understand the differences.

5. Choosing the right shows to attend

Picking the shows to attend should be one of the first tasks in your event marketing strategies. Are you at the shows your ideal customers are at?

6. What is event activation?

When running a successful event marketing program, event activation is a part of everything you do – but many involved in event marketing aren’t quite sure what it even is. At USA Expo, we think of it as a way to activate your brand or company through a strategic presence at events.

7. Our best trade show practices

A trade show is a great opportunity to put your brand in front of potential customers. If you’re offering a product or service to a specific audience (and who isn’t?), a trade show can be a wealth of sales leads for your team. But only if done correctly.

8. What is a show decorator?

A show decorator can be a useful asset to have when working to create the overall look and feel of your booth onsite – and of course, it’s always nice (and sometimes essential) to have an extra set of hands during setup and tear down! But a show decorator is an extra expense, so it can be hard to determine if it’s worth it or not.

9. Exhibit staffing

With many more booths to stop by, the chances of an event attendee waiting around to speak with your staff are probably slim to none. That’s why it’s critical to nail the number of staff you need working in your display. Too many and you’ll overwhelm event attendees and too few and you may miss critical sales opportunities.

10. Determining effective sponsorships

If your brand has a presence at events, you have most likely looked into, or are currently sponsoring. It’s a great tactic that could help your event marketing efforts. Sponsorships typically come with a cost though, and there is a chance that a sponsorship may not help to see additional success.