The visual appearance of your booth carries a lot of weight. A good, effective design can make your space stand out on the show floor, inviting guests to interact and engage with your brand. Your space also communicates brand values, a relevant promotion or other important information. Here’s our tips for designing your space:

1. Stay true to your brand. Display graphics should strengthen your brand, not distract from it. Carry over brand fonts, colors, and overall aesthetic style to create a unified, professional presence. Make sure your booth is cohesive with other assets, including your website and social media. This will increase the likelihood that an event attendee will remember your brand the next time they come across it.

2. Choose your message carefully. You probably have several goals with your event presence — promoting a product, increasing awareness, collecting leads, or learning more about your audience. Choose two or three to focus in on, and reinforce these ideas throughout your booth experience. Many times, one sign with one message isn’t enough, and attendees need to see something 2 or 3 different times before it sticks. This is where event sponsorships can be beneficial, giving you opportunities for engagement outside of your physical booth space. Read more about effective sponsorships here

3. Build a strong base. We know that trade show graphics can be expensive to update at every single show. By building a strong base or foundation for booth elements, you can make smaller (and cheaper!) adjustments based on the show. For example, a lightbox with a mounted tv can keep the same box design, but the tv graphics can be tailored specifically for each individual show. Our display leasing program is also a great option if you want to refresh graphics more frequently, without the expense of purchasing an entirely new display.

What’s the biggest challenge you have with display graphics? Let us know in the comments below!