The show has been selected, your space has been designed, now it’s time to choose who will staff the event. Is it smart to send your all-star employees, or are they best kept at home to continue with the day-to day business? Here’s our suggestions for deciding who to send, who to keep back at the office, and when to know if you need outside help.

What is your event goal?

Is your goal to make sales and return home with several purchase orders? If that’s the case, some of your sales staff should be in attendance. If you’re more focused on telling your brand’s story and engaging with existing customers, perhaps employees from your marketing team may be a better fit. Take a look at your event strategy to pick the players who are most likely to succeed, matching their skills with the anticipated audience at the show.

How is your company functioning during the event’s duration?

Depending on the size of your company, you may have business running as usual, or you may focus all efforts and resources on the upcoming event. Make sure anyone remaining at the office is prepared to answer questions, take messages or otherwise operate with additional responsibilities while their colleagues are away. If management or other decision makers are attending the event, make sure employees know who can sign off or approve items in their absence.

Take a look at skill sets.

Being aware of your employees strengths and weaknesses is an easy way to decide if they’re a good fit for the show floor. Someone who thrives in personalized sales visits or interaction through phone calls may not excel at engaging strangers in conversation and pulling them into your event space. An employee who is always willing to do whatever it takes could prove to be invaluable at an event if you anticipate needing assistance with logistics, organization or other event aspects outside of the normal event operation.

Don’t waste resources.

Make sure your most effective employees are doing the most important responsibilities, even if that means leaving them at home. Consider hiring brand ambassadors for the event to round out your staff. Brand Ambassadors are highly skilled at their jobs and are great at encouraging attendees to purchase a product or service, distributing promotional materials, answering questions and much more. They are generally outgoing, energetic and friendly – just the kind of faces you want to represent your brand and help create a great experience for event attendees! The USA Expo team can assist with brand ambassadors, learn more here.

Whether you’re an experienced event marketer or new to the space, selecting staff for events can be a challenge. What hurdles do you face in selecting event staff? Let us know in the comments!