Experiential Marketing Solutions

You know you have a great product or solution, but how do you prove it to consumers? Simple! By getting the product in their hands or getting your salespeople in front of them. Easier said than done, right? Not with the right experiential marketing strategy.

Every good marketer knows that cutting through the noise and establishing a live experience can help your product or service stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s a mobile tour, event tour, or leveraging an existing event, experiential marketing allows attendees and audiences to really experience your brand or product, eventually leading to a sale.

USA Expo has over 26 years of experience helping brands connect their products or services with consumers. Some goals we’ve helped clients achieve include:

  • Increased audience engagement
  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Announce a new product
  • Obtaining press coverage
  • Generate buzz around a specific event happening with a brand

Experiential marketing can help brands reach highly qualified and specific demographics as well as B2B buyers through existing events. The right experiential marketing strategy can help brands determine not only who their primary audience is, but how to successfully to engage them and nurture them to a sale. We do so by offering a wide variety of services, including:

The USA Expo experiential marketing approach is focused solely on helping brands increase their business results. We understand your bottom line and are confident experiential marketing can get you there. Our proven strategic approach to scale face-to-face campaigns can achieve several goals for brands, including:

  • Establishing CPA/CPL goals
  • Engaging audiences
  • Nurturing audiences

Still not sure experiential marketing is right for your brand? Check out our case study showcasing some of our proven results: helping GMC connect to consumers, resulting in selling over 1,700 vehicles. Download the case study now.

Ready to connect with more consumers on a deeper level? Contact us today to talk to an event expert and find out how we can help you achieve all your business goals.