Event Marketing Solutions

Simply attending an annual trade or consumer show each year without a strategic event marketing strategy means you may not achieve your overall business goals. When you partner with USA Expo and take advantage of our 26-year history, we can help you achieve all of your business goals through event marketing.

Utilizing a proper event marketing strategy can help your brand reach highly qualified specific demographics or B2B buyers by leveraging high quality existing events. The event marketing experts at USA Expo can help clients determine who their primary audience is and what specific events best reach them – putting your products or services directly in front of those who are most likely to purchase.

Some of the goals we’ve helped clients achieve, and in many cases, exceed, include:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Selling products
  • Announcing a new product
  • Obtaining press coverage
  • Generate buzz around a specific event happening with a brand

Our proven approach is focused solely on helping brands increase the business results of their event marketing programs. From establishing CPA/CPL goals to engaging and nurturing audiences, we can handle it all, thanks to our years of helping brands build and scale their event marketing programs.

Our unique approach to event marketing sets us apart from the rest. Learn more about our Event Lifecycle Approach.

We offer a variety of experiential and event marketing solutions to meet all objectives a brand or company may have, including:

Our event marketing solutions have proven results. Take a look at how we helped DISH Network create and execute an event marketing program that reaches more than 40 million consumers per year. Download the case study now.

Ready to start using event marketing to achieve your business goals? Contact us today.