Brand Ambassador Solutions

While we know that most brands would like to have their entire team present at each and every event or trade show each year, sometimes that simply just can’t happen. Whether it’s because you don’t want to pull team members from their daily activities, budget limitations, scheduling conflicts or much more, the experts at USA Expo can help with our brand ambassador solutions.

We’ve helped countless clients in our 26-year history achieve a variety of goals at their events with our brand ambassadors, including:

  • Promoting the brand
  • Driving awareness to new products and services
  • Increase sales
  • Drive on site leads for follow-up, post event
  • Engage and interact with consumers

Having engaged, experienced event marketing professionals representing your brand can make the difference between having an extensive list of leads post event and a list that isn’t very large. From a customer experience standpoint, there’s nothing better than having a professional speak to potential clients face to face about your products and services.

Brand Ambassadors are highly skilled at their jobs and are great at encouraging attendees to purchase a product or service, distributing promotional materials, answering questions and much more. They are general outgoing, energetic and friendly – just the kind of faces you want to represent your brand and help create a great experience for event attendees!

In fact, one of our clients that recently utilized USA Expo brand ambassadors at a series of home shows saw a 60% increase in onsite leads as compared to the previous year. Additionally, another client that utilized brand ambassadors at an event saw a roughly 300% increase in on-site leads as compared to a similar event without brand ambassadors. In this case, the leads from the show resulted in over $100,000 in new revenue!

Our Event Lifecycle Approach to event marketing ensures that our brand ambassadors can help your brand meet overall business goals – not just goals from one event. Free up your staff from having to attend trade shows or events and count on the experts at USA Expo.

Contact us today to learn more about our brand ambassador solutions.