3D Exhibits and Virtual Events

Virtual Exhibit

It’s without question that the live event industry has been greatly impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with challenging times comes the opportunity to innovate and provide our clients with unique opportunities to reach their target audience in a new and exciting way. With a track record of success helping mid-side to Fortune 100 brands with data-driven event marketing experiences, we’ve expanded our digital/virtual event services to include virtual 3D exhibits!


Safely Reach Your Target Audience

With our exhibit-based virtual experiences, your guests will virtually “step in” to your environment. Exhibits can be customized for lead generation, interactive opportunities and can be built from scratch or from a variety of kits. This unique communication tool allows you to remain top of mind, engaging directly with your customers and collecting valuable data.


How Do Virtual 3D Exhibits Work?

The exhibits integrate with virtual events, and can be used as a tool for pitches, shareholder meetings and more. We are able to create any environment, including lobbies, offices, conference rooms and trade show floors. Many clients use a virtual exhibit as an extension of existing marketing and sales programs, similar to a traditional live-event marketing plan.



Virtual 3D exhibits can be fully customized and some of our most popular features include: custom graphics and menu, various navigation views, embedded links, monitor videos, brochure view/download, social media links, surveys, audio introductions, meeting sign-up links, live chat features, iPad interactives, background music, and floor plans with navigational links.


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Staffing Your Event Exhibit

The show has been selected, your space has been designed, now it’s time to choose who will staff the event. Is it smart to send your all-star employees, or are they best kept at home to continue with the day-to day business? Here’s our suggestions for deciding who to send, who to keep back at the office, and when to know if you need outside help.

Case Study: Darice

You may be familiar with Darice, one of the largest nationwide craft suppliers with over 45,000 SKUs. Previously restricted to wholesale customers, Darice has recently removed their Tax ID requirement, offering wholesale pricing to makers of all kinds. Here’s a look at how the USA Expo team works with Darice in a variety of ways.

FAQ: Tips for Saving Money on Event Expenses

The team at USA Expo deals in event marketing day in and day out, and we’ve worked with clients both new to the event marketing world and more seasoned in event marketing. We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions no matter the experience level, and we’re kicking off this series with tips to save money! We know that event marketing can take up a good portion of your overall budget. Especially in the second half of the year, you may be looking to cut expenses or allocate funds to different areas, and in turn looking to cut down on event marketing expenses. Here’s our tips for spending smartly:

Marketing During Fair Season

Each year, thousands of fairs are held across the United States. Some are large and well known, such as the Ohio State Fair, and some are smaller events. If you think exhibiting or marketing at these types of events isn’t for you, think again! From expanding your brand awareness to increasing your customer base, fairs can prove to be smart investments if executed properly. Here’s our tips on what’s the same, what’s different, and how to adjust your marketing compared to more traditional avenues.